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Online Masters In Nursing - Curriculum

Master of Science in Nursing Online Courses & Curriculum

Queens University of Charlotte online Master of Science in Nursing programs are designed to prepare nurses as interdisciplinary, collaborative nursing leaders.

The online Clinical Nurse Leader MSN at Queens provides students with advanced knowledge in nursing theory, research, informatics, and health policy. Through the Clinical Nurse Leader track, students learn to care for patients with complex conditions and work with interdisciplinary teams to improve quality outcomes and efficiency of care for patient groups. Graduates are eligible to take the national certification exam for Clinical Nurse Leader®. The final course in the program includes a review for the exam. The CNL exam pass rate for graduates of the online MSN program from Queens is above the national average.

The Clinical Nurse Leader program requires the successful completion of 38 credit hours of nursing classes. The Nurse Administrator and Nurse Educator programs require 37 credit hours.

Core Courses

NUR 612 Theoretical Foundations – 3 hrs.
This course examines the development and analysis of knowledge within nursing theory as a foundation for nursing practice and research.

NUR 624 Health Policy – 3 hrs.
Students develop a comprehensive knowledge of how health policy is formulated, and how it impacts clinical practice and healthcare delivery. Coursework also covers the use of negotiation to influence the policy process.

NUR 628 Informatics in Health Care – 3 hrs.
This course focuses on developing an understanding of the concepts relevant to healthcare informatics and the use of information technology in healthcare organizations. Students study the use of computer applications to support clinical and administrative decision making.

NUR 630 Data Interpretations – 3 hrs.
This course focuses on selecting statistical procedures for analyzing data and interpreting the statistics most commonly reported in health care literature. Data analysis techniques for qualitative data often seen in health care and educational settings are also covered.

NUR 632 Research Methods – 3 hrs.
This course focuses on critical analyses of research reports, research methods and the relationship between theory, research and evidence-based practice.

NUR 657 Integrative Clinical Concepts & Practicum – 4 hrs.
Integrates advanced concepts of pathophysiology, pharmacology, and physical assessment within the contexts of individual, family, and populations through the use of exemplars and precepted clinical experiences. (75 hours of clinical).

Clinical Nurse Leader® Track Courses

NUR 651 Professionalism and Ethics in Clinical Leadership – 3 hrs.
This course offers the student an opportunity to grow professionally as a leader and to strengthen ethical leadership in clinical settings. Content includes theories of leadership, values clarification, ethical decision-making frameworks and processes, and professional development plans. Prerequisites: NUR 612, NUR 624, NUR 628, NUR 630, NUR 632, NUR 655, NUR 656

NUR 652 Management of Clinical Outcomes – 4 hrs.
Students study the theory and application of advanced nursing therapeutics and evaluation of their effectiveness in improving patient health outcomes. Coursework covers pharmacotherapeutics, teaching and learning theory, risk anticipation analysis and evidence supporting both traditional and complementary therapies. (3 credits online, 1 credit clinical; 75 clock hours of clinical) Prerequisites: NUR 612, NUR 624, NUR 628, NUR 630, NUR 632, NUR 655, NUR 656

NUR 653 Management of the Care Environment – 4 hrs.
This course focuses on the management of processes and resources within the clinical care environment with the goal of achieving optimal clinical and business outcomes. The clinical component provides students with an opportunity to participate in clinical microsystems management as part of a management team. (3 hours online, 1 hour clinical; 75 clock hours of clinical practice) Prerequisites: NUR 612, NUR 624, NUR 628, NUR 630, NUR 632, NUR 655, NUR 656

NUR 654 Clinical Nurse Leader Residency – 6 hrs.
This course is an immersion experience during which students practice the Clinical Nurse Leader role. Working with preceptors, students will demonstrate leadership in managing the clinical outcomes of patients, and in managing the quality outcomes of the care environment. Students will be responsible for finding a qualified preceptor in their local area to complete this component (300 clock hours of clinical practice). This course includes a review for the CNL exam. Prerequisites: NUR 612, NUR 624, NUR 628, NUR 630, NUR 632, NUR 655, NUR 656

NUR 670 Nursing Capstone Project – 2 hrs.
In this individualized learning experience, students conduct a scholarly evidence-based nursing project. Must be within 6 or fewer credit hours of graduation to enroll. Students must complete a total of 2 credits to meet degree requirements. Capstone Projects must be completed in 4 semesters. This course is pass/fail. Prerequisites: NUR 612, NUR 624, NUR 628, NUR 630, NUR 632, NUR 655, NUR 656

Nurse Administrator Track Courses

The online Nurse Administrator MSN prepares students to synthesize nursing and business knowledge in diverse settings and through application of the research process. Graduates will be prepared to function as members of interdisciplinary executive level teams.

Nurse Educator Track Courses

The online Nurse Educator MSN teaches students about curriculum development, teaching strategies and methods for student and program evaluation. Graduates are prepared to teach in academic or clinical settings.

Nurse Administrator and Nurse Educator Track Courses

  • Leadership Principles and Practices*
  • Financial Management for Nurse Leaders*
  • Principles of Curriculum and Evaluation+
  • Educational Principles & Practices+
  • Nursing Capstone Course
  • Nurse Administrator Residency* or Nurse Educator Residency+

* courses for post-master’s Nurse Administrator certificate
+ courses for post-master’s Nurse Educator certificate

Students who have completed the Queens integrated Nurse Administrator/Nurse Educator master’s only need to complete Nurse Administrator Residency or Nurse Educator Residency to earn the certificate.

Learn more about the curriculum of the online MSN programs at Queens: request more information or call us at 866-313-2356.