Online MSN Program’s First CNL Certification Earned by Recent Alumnus

Jessica Rabell is the first graduate of the online MSN program to earn a Clinical Nurse Leader (CNL) certification.

Charlotte, NC (9/22/15) – 2015 online Master of Science in Nursing graduate Jessica Rabell recently earned her clinical nurse leader (CNL) certification. She is the first graduate of the online track to earn the distinction. Jessica cites a desire to achieve more professionally, to improve the quality of patient care, and to enhance care delivery, patient safety, and quality outcomes as the main drivers behind her motivation.

Jessica indicates the program showed her how to focus on the bigger picture and think outside of the box for improvements at her work. “Becoming a CNL has given me the opportunity to have a tremendous impact on my microsystem in ways I never imagined,” says Rabell. The degree has also allowed her to be recognized by upper management and co-workers as the go-to person for process improvement.

Although Jessica indicates the online MSN program was challenging, it was manageable and fit well into her busy career life. She encourages nurses to attend the Queens online program because it has opened many doors in her career. “I felt,” Rabell said, “that it fulfilled my needs and formed me into a strong leader.”

Queens University’s online Master of Science in Nursing includes a clinical nurse leader track. This certification allows you to:

  • Apply evidence-based practice to your work
  • Design, implement and evaluate patient-care plans to drive optimal outcomes
  • Serve populations of patients within care units across healthcare settings

To learn more about the online MSN program, click here. To read Jessica Rabell’s full interview, click here.