Masters in Communications: Career Paths

Communications is one of the most flexible degrees available today. Skills and understanding of how to communicate information effectively to a wide and diverse range of audiences is a skill that transcends industry. Virtually every business, politician and organization can benefit from better communication, and the range of career paths available to people with degrees in the field reflects this.

Queens University of Charlotte offers an Online Master of Arts in Communication which prepares graduates for jobs in marketing, management, non-profits, writing and more.

Journalism and Writing

People with Communications MAs may become journalists, announcers, reporters, radio producers and media critics. Research, writing and relationship building are key skills in any of these positions, and an MA in Communications hones all of these skills.

PR and Marketing

Communications experts are uniquely qualified for a range of PR and marketing jobs. They can be marketing managers with an average salary of $77,000, or they can work in advertising or marketing research.i People working in these fields may also choose to be consultants.


People with a communications degree might also choose jobs in public affairs or even helping with political campaigns. They may be speechwriters, researchers, publicists or even campaign directors.ii They can advocate for policies or candidates, and create materials to help the public better understand government.


Businesses of all sizes need communications experts to oversee their communications. Communications specialists manage internal communications within a company, and communications directors oversee how companies communicate with the public. People in these fields can earn an average of $60,000 per year or more.i

Communications experts can also enter more general business management, human resources, or training specialists.ii It’s a strong degree for anyone interested in business.ii


Non-profits need many of the same people as businesses, optimizing both their internal and external communications. More specifically, these organizations often rely on communications specialists to organize effective fundraising and communicate with governments and businesses.

A MA in Communications prepares students for a wide variety of roles in virtually any field. It can be a path to jobs a student is personally interested in, or a high paying position in a major corporation. Graduates can work either as consultants and freelancers or as employees, depending on their own preference.

Queens University of Charlotte offers an Online MA in Communication, allowing students to prepare for a new career or advance their current career while balancing family and financial responsibilities.