Alumni Spotlight: Jason Fararooei

Jason FararooeiJason Fararooei, MA in Communication 2009, attributes much of his success to what he learned at Queens University of Charlotte. Jason is President and Executive Producer of Yellow Cape Communications. Yellow Cape brings strategic communication, multimedia production, and consulting services to clients in various industries.

The master’s in Communication program at Queens enabled Fararooei to develop the expertise to better serve his clients and the critical thinking skills to adapt in the ever-changing communication field. Here, Fararooei shares details about how the program has impacted his career.

Tell us about the work you do at Yellow Cape Communications and how earning your MA in Communication from Queens has influenced the way you do business?

Yellow Cape Communications provides communications based solutions to for-profit, non-profit and higher education sectors. We partner with senior leadership to create and promote change initiatives in internal and external environments with solutions that include corporate training, consumer education, organizational development and strategic engagement consulting.

Before beginning my MA in Communication I was a traditional marketing professional who saw the world of business in a very narrow view. The MA in Communication program taught me how to think with varied lenses of understanding. The professors showed me how to be adaptive, flexible and think critically, allowing me the ability to recognize and act upon new trends in business and beyond.

Tell us about a project or issue you resolved using the skills you acquired during your time at Queens.

I recently completed a strategic communications planning, development and implementation initiative for a Fortune 100 corporation. During that contract I applied a multitude of specific communications theories and frameworks to establish a cross-functional solution that addressed the client's toughest challenges. Earning my master’s in Communication at Queens allowed me the opportunity to see the client's challenges and needs in a holistic view while offering tailored, specific, comprehensive and tactical solutions designed for high impact.

“The training I received prepared me for a work environment dominated by uncertainty.”

What are the benefits of the MA in Communication program at Queens?

The benefits of the MA Communication program at Queens are the faculty, small classes and the latest in cutting edge communications theory and practice. The training I received prepared me for a work environment dominated by uncertainty. Because of the faculty, the curriculum, and the training I received, I am prepared to lead my clients through turbulent and often uncharted work environments.

How did the Knight School faculty support you and ensure you were set up for success?

My graduate advisor, Dr. Kim Gregory, allowed me the opportunity to be creative in my studies and academic works throughout the program. Because I have a background in broadcast television production, I wanted to incorporate and then translate my theoretical learnings into documentary-based media. Dr. Gregory worked closely with me to ensure my 20-minute television documentary adhered to our school's educational requirements while staying true to my creative storytelling voice. The flexibility and blended learning afforded me the opportunity learn and grow (personally and professionally) in my own unique way.

As an entrepreneur, what's a quick piece of advice could you offer to someone who is thinking about starting a business in the communication industry but unsure where to start?

If you want to build a business (or anything) with real meaning and value you must have a solid foundation of understanding and area of expertise know-how. Queens’ Communication master’s program afforded me the opportunity to learn and grow in ways that not only support my business but also the clients we serve. When I reflect on my graduate school experience at Queens, I can't imagine my life without it.

Jason’s experience in the Master’s in Communication program gave him the tools he needed to succeed in the multimedia industry. The supportive faculty and innovative curriculum helped Jason hone his communication skills and instilled him with the confidence to lead his own company. With a contemporary curriculum that empowers students to leverage traditional as well as new communication techniques, Queens’ approach gives students practical skills regardless of industry.

For more information on the Master’s in Communication online program available through Queens University of Charlotte, call 866-313-2356 to speak with an admissions advisor or request more information.