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Queens Online MBA Program – and the increased flexibility it provides

One of the greatest advantages the online MBA program has vs. a more standard brick-and-mortar (on campus) program is the flexibility it provides. Please don’t get the wrong impression. The Queens University of Charlotte online MBA program certainly has structure: weekly due dates are fixed and schedules can be tight as each (or most) courses are condensed into an 8-week session. Also beginning in January of your 1st full calendar year (11-month period), you may only have 1 week which is class-free prior to the Winter break.

The above is not to scare you away, yet to advise you of what to expect. Knowing what will be expected of you, may help in determining if the online MBA program is well-suited for you. As mentioned, the online MBA program does provide a degree of flexibility over the Professional and Executive programs. The Professional program has set class times throughout the week. The Executive program requires a full day on campus once per week. For these reasons, each will likely be comprised primarily of local or area students. In contrast, the online MBA requires no time on campus (aside from Residencies), has no fixed lecture times, and is location neutral. While students should plan on spending ~ 10-20 hours per week on each course, they are free to determine and settle into a schedule and rhythm that is individually best.

I know many in my cohort traveled at least some degree for business (their day jobs) or personally. Missing class did not have to be a concern, which allowed an enhanced degree of freedom within the program. With the course work and assignments being online, a plane ride can be the perfect time to get a head start on, or catch-up on the week’s assignments. Likewise, aside from work, life happens. And when it does, the OMBA program helps provide a greater degree of flexibility for one’s study schedule. In a similar manner, not having to physically attend a class frees up what would be a weekly fixed time requirement, as well as freeing up any time which would be spent on commuting to and from campus once or more per week.

While some professors may still hold virtual office hours, the OMBA professors are also accustomed to receiving emails and questions at odd hours. I have received responses from professors as early as 5:00 a.m., and as late as 2:00 a.m. (Actually, I guess those could both fall into an ‘early’ category, huh? :) ) In a similar vein, weekly discussion posts will be submitted by your cohort member at all hours. This helps to spread out volume and can make it easier to manage reading them and keeping up as opposed to receiving 25-30 responses all on a given day.

One final benefit related to flexibility is the possible exposure to, and opportunity to learn from and grow with individuals outside your local geographic area. The OMBA program provides a greater opportunity for those outside of Charlotte, outside the Carolinas, and outside of the Unites States to join the OMBA program and work side-by-side with you.

Just like the Executive and Professional MBA programs, the online MBA program will require your commitment and a considerable amount of your time. Yet with no fixed class schedules, no traveling to campus, more time varied responses from cohort members, around the clock responses from professors, possible greater exposure to others with nonlocal perspective, and the easy of continuing to study while on business or personal travel; the online MBA program provides the student a greater degree of autonomy as they work towards their Master’s degree. If you are considering a Master’s program, and have concerns with how it will fit into you already busy schedule, the Queens online MBA program may be just the solution you are looking for!

About the Author

Jesse is a member of the initial cohort of Queen's MBA program, Class of 2016. He works as a Business Analyst currently employed in the Charlotte area.