The Flexible Master of Business Administration

Flexible MBA Curriculum

The Queens University of Charlotte Flexible MBA includes 36 credit-hours of foundation, core, and elective courses. The curriculum emphasizes leadership, the interaction of the functional areas of business within today's global business environment, and reflects the highest standards of ethical and social responsibility. The emphasis on leadership is integrated throughout the curriculum, and allows you to explore and develop leadership abilities so you can oversee large-scale initiatives in finance, marketing, organizational development, and any other functional area of business critical to the success of your organization.


Foundation Courses are designed to provide you with an understanding of accounting, finance and statistics. Foundation courses may be waived. Waivers are given by the Admissions Committee on a case-by-case basis. Candidates must demonstrate a strong undergraduate academic record and an understanding of accounting, finance and statistics. All Foundation Courses are offered in a hybrid online/on-campus format​.

Core Courses are focused on the functional areas of business. This portion of the curriculum underscores the complexity and diversity of managerial decisions in national and international economies. All Core Courses are offered on-campus and online.

Flexible Core Courses provide you with a choice to further hone your expertise depending on your current interests and goals. All Flexible Core Courses are offered on-campus and online.

Elective Courses allow you to further customize your experience within a concentration so you can develop in-depth expertise in a core area of business. Your choice of a concentration is optional. Concentrations include: Leadership & Change, Healthcare Management, Finance, and Executive Coaching. If you do not choose a concentration, take 2 electives for a total of 36 credit hours. If you do choose a concentration, take 3 electives for a total of 39 credit hours. Some elective courses are offered only on-campus or only online. Speak to an Admissions Representative for details.

Foundation Courses: Take up to 6 credit-hours.

MBA 551 Foundations of Accounting (2 credit-hours)

MBA 552 Foundations of Statistics (2 credit-hours)

MBA 553 Foundations of Finance (2 credit-hours)

Core Courses: All courses required.

MBA 601 Leadership Development I (2 credit-hours)*

MBA 602 Leadership Development II (1 credit-hour)*

MBA 605 Managerial Accounting (3 credit-hours)

MBA 615 Economics for Managers (3 credit-hours)

MBA 625 Marketing Management (3 credit-hours)

MBA 630 Business Analytics (3 credit-hours)

MBA 635 Managerial Finance (3 credit-hours)

MBA 660 Strategic Planning & Implementation (3 credit-hours)

*These two courses are combined as MBA 600 (3 credit-hours) for the online version of Leadership Development.

Flexible Core Courses: Take 9 credit-hours (3 courses). If you would like to take all 4 courses, one may be taken as an elective.

MBA 620 Organizational Behavior (3 credit-hours)

MBA 640 Managing in a Global Context (3 credit-hours)

MBA 650 Operations Management (3 credit-hours)

MBA 655 Management of Information Systems (3 credit-hours)

Elective Courses: Take 6 – 9 credit-hours. Choose 2 (6 credit-hours), or, choose 3 (9 credit-hours) from a specific concentration area to earn a concentration.

Executive Coaching Concentration

MBA 672 Introduction to Coaching Theories

MBA 673 Advanced Coaching Theories & Application

MBA 674 Coaching Practicum

Finance Concentration:

MBA 663 Investment Analysis

MBA 664 International Financial Management

MBA 665 Futures & Options

Healthcare Management Concentration: MHA 500 required; choose 2 more for concentration.

MHA 500 Health Services Organization and Delivery

MHA 620 Management & Human Resources for Healthcare

MHA 625 Quality Improvement for Healthcare Organizations

MHA 630 Managerial Epidemiology Research & Statistics

Leadership & Change: Choose 3 courses.

MBA 680 Contemporary Leadership: Theory & Application

MBA 681 Introduction to Organization Development

MBA 682 Organizational System Change

MBA 683 Conflict & Negotiation

MBA 684 Transformational Change

MBA 685 Management Consulting

MBA 686 Interpersonal & Group Dynamics

Other Elective Courses:

MBA 645 Corporate Governance & Ethics

MBA 687 Entrepreneurship: New Venture Creation

MBA 688 Global Business Strategy

MBA 689 Creative Connections

MBA 690 Topics in Business Administration

MBA 691 International Experience

MBA 695 Independent Study

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