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Business Ethics

Unethical behavior occurs in the workplace more often than you might think. In fact, some 56 percent of employees have witnessed at least one act of unethical behavior at work. From misrepresenting hours worked and stealing office supplies to...

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Leadership 101: Personal Development

Effective leaders are often defined by their character traits. For example, good communication practices, a positive attitude, and employee engagement are all hallmarks of good leadership. However, what many people don't realize is that good...

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Basics of Leadership in Business

Business in the 21st Century is about working with others, through their talents, to drive return on investment. The modern business environment is less about driving results with authority, and more about understanding strengths, weaknesses, and...

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Why Startup Culture Is a Great Match for an MBA Grad

In years past, Master of Business Administration graduates set their sights almost exclusively on jobs in the financial-services industry, but these days professionals armed with business-school degrees are increasingly likely to join a startup...

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Effective Leadership: How to Keep Your Employees Operating at Peak Performance

When employees are functioning at peak performance levels, they are energized and motivated. When employees are motivated, the organization benefits as well.

A strong manager must know how to inspire and motivate employees. This is just...

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Shaping the Future Culture of Work

Leadership is the ability to look ahead with vision and inspire others to follow. In the workplace, people are increasingly looking to top executives to foster an ethical, inclusive business culture that adapts, innovates and attracts top talent...

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Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Get an MBA Online

Students with a Master in Business Administration degree are in high demand. Research indicates that 84 percent of business school recruiters plan to hire graduates with an MBA.1 This impressive career outlook is one of the many reasons why...

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Five Skills that Make Queens University MBA Graduates Soar

Master of Business Administration graduates are continually in demand, and their salaries underscore their value. In 2015, starting MBA salaries for top graduates - those with the savvy, training and skills most valued by employers - were poised...

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Management Careers and Jobs

A graduate degree in business can be an asset when you are positioning yourself for career advancement. The online Master of Business Administration at Queens University of Charlotte gives you the knowledge and skills you need to promote...

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Creative Approaches to Leadership

Successful leaders take creative approaches to push their companies forward. Creative leaders recognize business climate change, build trust-based relationships with employees, lead collaborations, establish solid consumer relationships, and...

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