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Basics of Leadership in Business

Business in the 21st Century is about working with others, through their talents, to drive return on investment. The modern business environment is less about driving results with authority, and more about understanding strengths, weaknesses, and putting your team members in the best position to succeed.

While personality styles and management preferences may differ, successful business leaders incorporate fundamental leadership practices that foster development and growth that helps the individual and the corporation.

Queens University of Charlotte’s online Master of Business Administration program can help you recognize and practice these must-have leadership traits, grooming you for a successful leadership role, and long-term career.

If you’re going to be a leader in the business field, the following  basic leadership practices can help propel you to success:


Communication is often at the forefront of good leadership tactics. Strive to regularly communicate your expectations surrounding tasks and projects, making sure to be clear and succinct. If your team doesn’t understand what you expect, it can be difficult to move forward. Good communication also means that you encourage questions. Have an open-door policy and stress your desire to hear from your employees about their work.


As you lead your group it is important to manage the workload, but don’t feel pressured to do most tasks yourself. Some leaders find themselves ready and willing to distribute tasks, but for others this relinquishing of duties takes practice. Recognize the skills of your employees and then delegate tasks appropriately. It may take some trust for you to rely on your team to do their tasks correctly, but in turn they will respect you as a leader.


Keep your team motivated, engaged and interested in their work. Inspire your employees by showing that their contribution is valued and they are making a difference. Employees who are inspired and invested in their work will be far more productive than those just there to collect a paycheck. This translates to a business environment that thrives.


As an effective leader, you need to be able to recognize each person as an individual with different needs and reactions. For example, some people work best under pressure, while others flourish with predicable schedules. Some employees might respond well to a tough-love strategy, while others might buckle under such tension. A good leader can adapt and respond accordingly, recognizing that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to interacting with the team.


A successful business unit requires accountability from management. Make sure your employees have the resources necessary to do their job well, and hold them to their responsibilities. Being a caring, positive leader doesn’t mean taking a back-seat approach to team management. Often going hand-in-hand with delegation, good management means that you keep your word and your promises and you also expect your employees to do the same.

Learn how to put these and other leadership skills into practice at Queens University of Charlotte’s McColl School of Business. As an online MBA student at the McColl School, you’ll be able to develop and polish your leadership skills so you’ll be ready for a managing role in the business world. Call 866-313-2356 or request more information to get started today.