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Shaping the Future Culture of Work

Leadership is the ability to look ahead with vision and inspire others to follow. In the workplace, people are increasingly looking to top executives to foster an ethical, inclusive business culture that adapts, innovates and attracts top talent from around the globe.

The Queens University of Charlotte’s online Master of Business Administration develops the skills needed to become a forward-thinking business leader, helping to shape the next generation of successful organizations.

A company’s culture is derived from values, expectations and behaviors generally described as “the way things work around here.” Developing and maintaining an effective corporate culture is a hot topic in company boardrooms these days, as it is increasingly seen as a key to a company’s success.

According to Deloitte University Press’ "Global Human Capital Trends 2016" report, 86 percent of executives surveyed rated culture as a top priority for their organization, ranking third after organizational design and leadership1 At the same time, only 28 percent of executives reported they understood their organization’s culture, and just 12 percent believed their own company’s culture was the “right culture.”

Companies that have put an emphasis on developing an effective culture, and whose own employees rank them as great places to work, are generally companies with strongly positive cultures, according to a Forbes article by human resources analyst Josh Bersin2. Those companies are in high demand among job seekers, Bersin believes. As an example, he points to tech firm HubSpot, which has high employee satisfaction ratings. Hubspot puts its culture manifesto online and has publicized the free educational initiatives its offers for its staff.

Effective business cultures are varied, but in general they foster trust, productivity, creativity and new ideas. The ability to grow and support such cultures is an in-demand skill for chief executives, human resources managers and other senior managers.

To develop such skills, and to enhance your career as a business leader, consider the Queens University of Charlotte online MBA program, which is accredited by the prestigious Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business.  The Queens University of Charlotte online MBA program equips students with the analytical and practical management knowledge needed for leadership in developing effective corporate cultures.

Here are several of the courses related to business culture development3:

The MBA 645 Corporate Governance and Ethics course offers a thorough overview of the practices of corporate governance and ethical behavior, including the legal and ethical responsibilities of corporate shareholders, boards of directors and management. Students will draw upon real-world examples to construct a sound corporate governance framework, a critical element of a values-driven business culture.

The MBA 620 Organizational Behavior class provides an in-depth understanding of theories of organizational behavior and how those theories are applied in the workplace to shape an organization’s culture. Students will hear from expert teachers and practitioners on topics including leadership, motivation, teamwork and career development.

The MBA 600 Leadership Development coursework is designed to identify your personal strengths and leadership style, and to build upon those qualities and expand your abilities as a leader in an organization, including leadership in developing a corporate culture. The course includes extensive personal assessments, feedback and ongoing coaching. Some of those elements will take place at scheduled residencies.

The MBA 640 Managing in a Global Context course develops understanding of corporate culture in the global marketplace. Students will obtain insight into the challenges of maintaining a unifying culture with an ethnically and demographically diverse workforce, and they will learn strategies for using company culture to compete for talent worldwide.

Let’s talk about the online MBA and how it can help you gain footing in a global marketplace. Request more information or call us at 866-313-2356 to speak with an admissions representative.