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Choosing the Best Major

Have you ever felt out of place at work? Do you ever feel there are better things to do with your time? Can you honestly say you are fulfilling your dreams and living with a purpose?

I’ve asked myself these questions throughout young adulthood. I was one of those students who graduated from high school with and undecided status, so I chose the major that was safe. In undergraduate school I performed well as a business student, graduated from college in 3.5 years, and landed a career with a local government agency. After enrolling in a MBA online program, I began to feel out of place in my career as well in my major of choice. I felt as if I were missing something, but could not place what the missing component was. Eventually, I began to feel burned out and overwhelmed by the matter, my grades slowly declined, and my job performance dwindled. Finally, halfway through my graduate education I crashed and burned. The stress of not meeting my own expectation finally back fired, and I had to take a break to find out what I really wanted to do with my life.

Obtaining a Masters and Communication was a decision that I made after years of soul searching. I always felt out of place in my career because I was not doing what came natural to me as an individual, so I decided to focus on my God given attributes. Traits such as being a people person, or task oriented helped to guide me in the search for a field of study and career plan. Prospective students who share a similar story shouldn’t be discouraged!

Here are some tips to help you in deciding a major:

  1. Get to know yourself. Ask friends and family to give their honest opinion on your strengths and weaknesses. Build on your strengths and find ways to improve in areas in which you are weak.
  2. Research career fields that match your personality. If you love working with people and sports, research careers that involve people oriented tasks and athletic characteristics. Do what comes natural to you, and it won’t feel so much like a chore.
  3. Contact your admissions counselor. Here at Queens, the admissions counselor set up an appointment with me and helped me to determine if the communications program was a good fit my career goals.
  4. Once fully enrolled, keep constant contact with your student advisors and professors. My student advisor is there to guide me through my graduate studies and help me to succeed. She is also there to keep me encouraged at times when I doubt myself. Don’t be afraid to communicate with your professors if you have questions, are do not fully understand a concept.
  5. Take the time to encourage and guide others. Once you overcome your obstacles, take time to help someone else to succeed.

Making the decision to continue your education can be a challenging and costly time of your life. By following the tips above you should be on the way to learning how to pursue best major for you.

About the Author

Elizabeth Leak-Flythe, is pursuing a Master’s degree in Communications with Queen University’s James Knight School of Communications.

Elizabeth enrolled in the online MA in Communication degree at Queens University of Charlotte after speaking with a student advisor who explained the online program As a wife, mother, caregiver, and full time employee, she needed the convenience of an online program without compromising the validity of her education.

As a student blogger, Elizabeth hopes to encourage, teach, and guide other students as they pursue their career goals.