Master of Science in Nursing Resources


A Guide to Qualitative Rigor in Research

Advances in technology have made quantitative data more accessible than ever before; but in the human-centric discipline of nursing, qualitative research still brings vital learnings to the health care industry. It is sometimes difficult to...

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Nurses’ Thought Processes During Medical Administration

Queens University of Charlotte is regionally recognized for academic excellence in preparing nurses to be skilled, caring advocates for their patients. Capable nurses possess a combination of critical thinking skills, medical knowledge and...

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Becoming a Clinical Nurse Leader - A Central Point of Contact in the Healthcare Industry

When entering the medical field, there are a number of specialties to choose from. Nursing alone encompasses over 100 specialties, from dermatology to forensics. Finding your niche can be daunting, and making the decision to shift from an RN role...

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How CNLs Can Make an Impact on the Maternity Unit

Clinical Nurse Leaders (CNLs) are helping drive and shape how patients receive care, and an RN, with the right training and education, can quickly move up the career ladder and become a helping hand in positive change. If an RN has a desire to...

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Tips for Nurse Leaders to Maintain Moral Courage Amid Ethical Dilemmas

Nurses deal with a vast number of patients daily, and these patients expect their nurses to know and understand their health and what needs to be done. It is also expected that nurses stand up for their patients and their own ethical beliefs when...

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How Technology is Impacting Nurses’ Roles for the Better

Clinical Nurse Leaders and all nurses are on the front line of patient care, and while they are not only responsible for seeing that each individual receives the greatest treatment possible, they are expected to handle a number other...

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The Clinical Nurse Leader Role

There are some exciting new advancements appearing in the field of nursing, a discipline already well known for its reliance on intelligence, compassion and skill. Current licensed practical nurses and registered nurses, as well as nursing...

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Infographic - Clinical Nurse Leaders: Driving Real Results

There are myriad reasons to consider a career as a Clinical Nurse Leader® (CNL). CNLs are improving quality, safety and patient outcomes across the healthcare industry. These certified clinicians hold a master’s degree and are committed to making...

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Day in the Life of a Clinical Nurse Leader®

Wondering what it’s really like to make the transition from Registered Nurse to Clinical Nurse Leader®? Or how to coordinate with the medical staff and create the best care plan for patients? What kinds of tasks does a Clinical Nurse Leader...

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