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Master of Science in Nursing: Career Outlook

Prepare to shape the future of nursing.

By 2030, 1 million of the RNs employed in 2017 will be retired. In fact, starting in 2020, the industry will lose more than 2 million years of combined nursing experience per year to retirement.1

The leadership needed to fill that space and guide the next generation of nurses starts with you. And Queens University of Charlotte is here to help you prepare.

Whether your skill set lends itself to clinical, administrative, or educational leadership, the Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) from Queens will prepare you with in-demand, specialized skills to help you succeed in your vocation and establish yourself as a leader in your field.

And now, with our flexible online program, there is no need to derail your career to make it happen.

Clinical Nurse Leader


As a Clinical Nurse Leader (CNL), you would be at the center of patient care, ensuring consistency between interdisciplinary teams, and integrating diverse therapies into manageable plans of care. You would use your skills as a communicator and a listener as a bridge between patients and varied professionals. You would also bring a mastery of data evaluation, as well as the technology needed to track it.3 Prepare for this position with the Clinical Nurse Leader track.

Nursing Director


As a nursing director, you would be responsible for balancing the accessibility, quality, and cost of your organization’s service. As your organization navigates the practical and financial realities of the healthcare business, you would bring a patient-focused perspective to executive management that only a nurse can provide. Positions in this area may also include being a people manager of nursing staff.4 Prepare for this position with the Nurse Administrator track.

Nursing Informatics Specialist


As a nursing informatics specialist, you must be familiar with electronic health records and information technology. Your goals would be to improve efficiency, lower costs and maximize patient outcomes. In this position, you would manage records, both print and digital, develop and analyze information systems, implement new healthcare technology and communicate with stakeholders. The top 10% of nursing informatics specialists earn more than $114,000 annually. 9 Prepare for this position with the Nursing Informatics track.

Additional roles for MSN graduates:

  • Healthcare administrator ($65,333/yr)5
  • Nurse case manager ($71,131/yr)6
  • Nursing instructor ($61,073)7
  • Clinical nurse manager ($81,765/yr)8

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Applicable Skills

After completing the program, you will be able to:

Find Your MSN Track

Select the track that meets your needs as a nurse leader, whether that be in a clinical, administrative, or educational capacity.

MS in Nursing (MSN): Clinical Nurse Leader

Champion patient care, act as a bridge between interdisciplinary teams, and provide advanced therapies.

MS in Nursing (MSN): Nurse Administrator

Gain the leadership and business skills to guide organizational decision-making and lead a nursing team in the Nurse Administrator track.

MS in Nursing (MSN): Nursing Informatics

Participate in the analysis, design, and implementation of information and communication systems. Study the effectiveness of nursing communications, review informatics research, and learn to deliver the education of nursing informatics and information technology.

Connecting You With Your Future

Queens’ student-focused approach does not end with your degree. Our Vandiver Center for Career Development is here to support you in advancing your career goals by providing:

One-on-One Support

Work directly with your faculty and Queens advisors to take a personalized look at your education, career opportunities, and personal development.

Online Job Board

Post your resume and search available jobs and internships relevant to our programs and explore opportunities.

Career Development

Take advantage of resume and interview assistance, corporate recruiting and networking events, and the online job board of the Vandiver Center for Career Development.

Powerful Network

Through regular meetups, tap into a valuable and supportive community and form connections with Queens alumni in your field for career guidance.


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