Organizational Communication Certificate

Enhance Your Team Building And Leadership Skills

Your Organizational Communication online certificate allows you to understand the theory and practice of effective leadership and team building within an organizational setting to advance an organization's mission or goals.

Utilize Communication to Embrace Difference

The Organizational Communication certificate provides you with the knowledge, skills and critical thinking needed to explore a variety of communication issues. You will hone your ability to access credible information, analyze and evaluate messages and texts, create content, reflect upon social and ethical considerations and engage in communication across many platforms and diverse audiences.

In the Organizational Communication online certificate program, you will learn to apply effective leadership principles and practices within any communication situation that arises.

The Need for Applied Communication

The organizational communication online program applies to a variety of careers—however, applied communication is a booming field, with more than 27,000 new jobs becoming available in media and communication occupations through 2028.1 With your skillset in theoretical and researched communication literacy, plus practice in digital technologies, you will be equipped to address the growing need for well-rounded communication professionals.

In the Organizational Communication certificate program, you will prepare to advance in your field by studying team and group communication, organizational dynamics and communication in leadership positions. Various elective credit options allow for customization based on your personal career goals and aspirations.


In the Organizational Communication certificate program, you will gain advanced knowledge of group and team dynamics plus communication and leadership. Ultimately, you will demonstrate theoretical and research literacy to write effectively for specific audiences.

Through hands-on applied learning, you will discover how to create communicative interventions for specific communities. You will also complete a culminating project, using what you learned in a live, real-world application.

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