Executive Coaching Certificate

Boost performance and build sustainable change in organizations

Strong performance leads to success. The Executive Coaching Certification program teaches you to apply organizational coaching methods in your career as a coach, consultant or leader.

The Executive Coaching Certification program examines coaching as an intervention and developmental tool for achieving success. Learn practical application techniques for a variety of professional settings.

Unlike coach training courses, this program focuses strongly on coaching theory to help you better understand concepts and strategies as you learn to put them into practice. Explore organizational coaching methods and graduate with the skills to improve the performance of individuals and your team as a whole.

Career Outlook: High Salaries and a Growing Demand

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual wage for life coaches is $61,9001. Professionals in similar positions in the field, such as training and development manager, earn a median wage of $113,350 per year2.

The field is expanding at a rate of 7% per year and thousands of new positions are expected to be created by 20282. The Executive Coaching Certificate from Queens University of Charlotte delivers the skills you need to be successful in this growing field and make a difference as a leader in business.

Executive Coach


In this position, you would help individuals achieve their personal and professional goals through the utilization of organizational coaching methods. You would communicate directly with your clients to develop plans of action and follow up with them to ensure they're doing their part to become successful1.

Training and Development Manager


In this position, you would help improve the success of a business by providing training programs to its employees. Your responsibilities may include choosing and planning training opportunities, along with managing education programs designed to elevate professional skills in the workplace2.

Other titles you may qualify For:

  • Talent manager
  • Human resources manager
  • Business manager

Curriculum: Improving Yourself and Others

The Executive Coaching Certification program explores organizational coaching methods designed to help you advance your career. You’ll learn from experienced educators and gain skills to improve performance.

The Executive Coaching Certificate requires the completion of four courses and a practicum. Two of the courses can be chosen based on your professional goals. Course offerings include instruction on advanced coaching theories, interpersonal and group dynamics, contemporary leadership, consulting and more.

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