Leadership & Change Certificate

Become a Driving Force for Change

The leadership and change certificate from Queens University explores the fundamentals of effective leadership through courses focused on the human dynamics of organizational change. As a student, you'll examine diverse management methods for change and gain invaluable decision-making skills that you can immediately apply in your career.

The leadership certificate is designed to help you develop a deeper understanding of yourself through exploring your strengths and expanding your professional limitations. Discover what it takes to serve your organization as a leader and learn to utilize your strengths as a tool in a competitive field.

Taught with experience-driven instruction from leadership experts, the program will shape you into a strong leader who demonstrates ethical and socially responsible behavior. When you graduate, you'll have the management and decision-making skills to implement successful, sustainable change in diverse business settings.

Career Outlook: The Future of Leadership

The growth of businesses all over the world relies on effective leadership and management professionals to implement change. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the need for these professionals is growing at a steady pace of 6% per year. At this rate, more than 150,000 new positions will be available to top executives by 20281.

Prepare for the management industry's expansion with the leadership certificate from Queens University. As you learn from expert educators, you'll unlock your professional potential and discover how your strengths can serve as an invaluable tool in your career as a leader.

Top Executive


In this position, you would develop and enforce strategic plans of action for achieving a business' financial goals. The position may require you to implement change through the creation of new operational policies and standards1.

Human Resources Manager


In this role, you would be responsible for choosing employee benefits packages, planning recruitment events and overseeing training programs for a business. Your position would also require you to facilitate communication between employees and executive staff members2.

Other titles you may qualify For:

  • Senior vice president
  • Director
  • Manager

Curriculum: Leadership Skills for the Future

The leadership and change certification program delivers the change management skills you need for the future of your company, along with the leadership expertise you need to achieve your long-term professional goals. The curriculum allows you to select three courses that offer career-specific instruction to ensure you graduate fully prepared for the position you want. Explore change management and leadership development through course topics including transformational change, management consulting, interpersonal dynamics and more.

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