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Alumni Spotlight: Jessica Rabell

Jessica Rabell is the first graduate of the online MSN program to earn a Clinical Nurse Leader (CNL) certification. We asked Jessica to tell us more about her experience at Queens and how the program has helped her in her career.


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Online MSN with a Clinical Nurse Leader Track Virtual Open House

Below is the transcript from the most recent online Master of Science in Nursing Virtual Open House. [00:00:00.00]

[00:00:11.12] ZACK BERGLING: Hello and good evening. My name is Zack Bergling, and I'll be facilitating the conversation...

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The Rise of Medical Errors in Hospitals

It’s a fact: preventable medical mistakes are the third leading cause of death in the United States. View the infographic below to see how the data stacks up. Many medical professionals today, such as Clinical Nurse Leaders, are working toward...

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What’s the Job Market like for Nurses?

While the United States is still recovering from years of economic difficulties, the job market for nurses remains promising. Despite advances in medicine and technology, patient care will always be a growing industry.

Recent job...

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What is Integrated Health Care and How Will It Affect Me?

Integrated health care is a systematic coordination of general and behavioral health care. The system joins mental health, substance abuse, and primary health care, and creates an effective approach toward caring for people in need....

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What are the Best Degree Options for Nursing Leadership?

While there are many paths available for the pursuit of a career in nurse leadership, ultimately, the best road to securing a career as a nurse leader is to obtain a master of science in nursing with a focus in clinical nurse leadership. This...

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Patient Safety in the Operating Room

Queens University of Charlotte strives to be a leading institution in preparing skilled nursing leaders who can drive continued improvement in patient care. Nurses who graduate from Queens are prepared with the comprehensive skills and advanced...

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The Relationship Between Nursing Leadership and Patient Outcomes

Patient outcomes are the result of a variety of factors coming together in a health care facility, but leadership among nurses can play an especially critical role in shaping how nurses and other stakeholders in a patient’s care come together to...

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Creating a Patient Safety Culture in Health Care Organizations

As advances in technology create increased access to data and metrics on patient care outcomes, health care organizations are placing more emphasis on identifying ways to foster a culture focused on patient safety with measurable results in mind...

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8 Leadership Skills Nurses Need To Be Successful

What does leadership mean to a nurse? There’s more to it than being an expert on the physical needs of patients. Today’s nurses need to keep up with evolving technology and safety standards, changes in policy and organizational climate and a more...

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