MSN Program Testimonials

Introspection and Improvement

Our Master of Science in Nursing students learn to integrate patient care into one unified plan. Read about the experiences of some of our students from the Presbyterian School of Nursing.

Barbara E. Oppenheim

Barbara E. Oppenheim, BSN ’03, MSN '16
Presbyterian School of Nursing

"I'm a grateful double alumnus, graduating with my BSN in 2003, and MSN in 2016. My Queens supportive faculty provided a learning environment that prepared me well (once again) to lead and excel in my nursing profession."

Darby Buttriss

Darby Buttriss, MSN anticipated ‘20
Presbyterian School of Nursing

“The flexibility of the program was the most valuable aspect that made me choose this program. I also enjoyed the 8-week tracks of the classes which gave me the opportunity me to focus on one topic at a time. The assignments were spread out appropriately and in a manageable way.”

Jason McLawhorn

Jason McLawhorn, MSN anticipated ‘20
Presbyterian School of Nursing

“The faculty help set the program apart!  They want to help you succeed in your chosen area and offer total support along the way.”

Katrina Sanders

Katrina Sanders, MSN ‘17
Presbyterian School of Nursing

“I chose to take classes with Queens because of its fine reputation among educational institutions. The online learning experience was wonderful and a program I would recommend to any student interested in pursuing a degree online. I've never witnessed a school that is genuinely concerned about the success of their students, as flexible and realistic to the workforce as Queens is. I felt welcomed, encouraged and motivated to start and finish my master’s degree. The instructors are not only knowledgeable in their respective field but are more than willing to share their experiences and provide the necessary guidance that enables students to succeed. The coursework engages the student in thought-provoking assignments and projects, while discussion threads allow for expanding the knowledge base and listening to varying perspectives.”

Laura Cassidy

Laura Cassidy, MSN '12
Presbyterian School of Nursing

"As soon as I started, I knew it was the right thing to do. My Queens education has opened doors for me. Not only did our professors give us the information and resources to expand our knowledge base, they also challenged us as people and as leaders to really take an introspective look. That is something I didn’t expect and has been so valuable."

Tonya Willingham

Tonya Willingham, MSN '13
Presbyterian School of Nursing

"I wanted to get something more out of the experience than just the degree. And that’s exactly what I’m getting at Queens…I have learned about myself. I don’t want to be complacent. I want to always strive to improve my work. I can’t imagine doing anything else now."

Veronica Rankin

Veronica Rankin, MSN ‘11
Presbyterian School of Nursing

“The caliber of instructors within the CNL program exceeded my expectations. I love that I was challenged but not discouraged in my efforts. I learned a lot from the program, faculty, and school.  I will always consider attending Queens University of Charlotte to be one of the best career and professional choices I have ever made.”

Yolanda M. Suastegui

Yolanda M. Suastegui, MSN ‘20
Presbyterian School of Nursing

“The program is rich in content and the classes are interactive. The program allows you to learn from other’s experiences and to grow personally and professionally.”