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    Grow With Us

    Attend one of America's top regional universities and join a tight-knit community of accomplished faculty and enthusiastic learners.

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    Unite Critical Practices in Healthcare

    Our MSN with a Clinical Nurse Leader® track is designed to help you advance in your career while improving patient outcomes, safety and quality.

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    Influence Education's Outcomes

    Gain personalized mentorship from expert faculty. Excel as a school administrator with an online MA in Educational Leadership.

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    Lead the Conversation

    Master TODAY’s theory, strategies and tools with the online MA in Communication.

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    The Online MBA Built on Leadership

    Master the leadership skills and strategies used by top executives with this top-ranked, AACSB-accredited MBA program.

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Transition: Undergraduate Ground Courses to a Graduate Online Course

The transition from undergraduate to graduate studies is a challenge within itself. Students are committing to higher levels of learning and accepting the challenge of preparing the mind for an advanced level of thinking. Choosing to pursue an advanced degree online is an alternative with several advantages: students can continue career paths, manage a family, and maintain work life balance while pursuing a degree in the comfort of their own homes. However it is more of an advantage for the student to research different programs to find the best alternatives to meet their needs.

Skills and Applications

Graduate level work is and can be fascinating. It differs, at least in most cases, from that done when one is an undergraduate in that the student usually has a clearer idea of what he or she wishes to pursue. After much deliberation and a somewhat unsuccessful attempt in another field and at another institution, I decided to search for Master’s programs in Communication that might aid me in my goal of blogging for a major media outlet.

Queens Online MBA Program – and the increased flexibility it provides

One of the greatest advantages the online MBA program has vs. a more standard brick-and-mortar (on campus) program is the flexibility it provides. Please don’t get the wrong impression. The Queens University of Charlotte online MBA program certainly has structure: weekly due dates are fixed and schedules can be tight as each (or most) courses are condensed into an 8-week session. Also beginning in January of your 1st full calendar year (11-month period), you may only have 1 week which is class-free prior to the Winter break.

Stay Connected (within your cohort)

As you begin your online MBA program you will be placed into teams. This group of classmates will be the team members you will be with throughout the course of the program. It will be with this team, that group assignments will be completed. It will be with this team that a single grade will be earned and given to each team member on group assignments and projects. As you may guess, you will likely spend more time with, and get to know your team members better than other members of your cohort.

Tips for group work in the Online MBA

How group assignments will be completed during your online MBA program is an important consideration as it will affect not only your grades, yet also your stress levels, learning, and growth. Although the Professional and Executive programs, likewise have group work, the online MBA brings with it the possibly differing dimensions of location and time zones.

Time Management

One of the things that drew me to the online program here at the Knight School was the eight-week class schedule. Even knowing those eight weeks would run at a tough pace, being able to focus on one class at a time seemed plausible. As a stay at home mom, I remember my biggest fear before I began: how in the world am I going to make time for this? Over time, I found a time management approach to make this work – but it didn’t come easily.